About Magnate

Consumer behaviours have changed, there’s no doubt about it and so the way we as businesses must market is evolving too. Magnate is here to assist, grow and strengthen the ways which work, to take prospective and potential clients from interest to purchase. We’re accountable and personable and most importantly will tell you how it is – we will always be to the point.

David Catchpole
David Catchpole
Executive Director

How We Work

At Magnate we approach every client differently as we understand every business is different. When working with a client, we don’t just make a plan and get to work; we take the time to truly understand your business, how you operate and how you work. It’s the most effective way for us to grow your business from the inside.

Just as important this ensures we know your exact needs and this can be relayed to everyone working on your campaign. My role at Magnate is to ensure all clients campaigns are running smoothly and to report this success we are achieving back to our clients (my favorite part of the job!).

At Magnate we pride ourselves on our work, whether that is working alongside business owners or full marketing departments, we make sure we are always achieving our clients online goals. Don’t think of us as an external partner, but rather an extension to your team.

Zachary Jarvis
Zachary Jarvis

Our Culture

I founded this company with the core belief that to build a great business you need incredible people. Attracting the right talent is just one small part; retaining and furthering people is what we as a business invest in.

At Magnate we don't want our staff to feel like they are just going work but instead, are going to enjoy what they do, improve their skillset and have some fun. If you love what you do, you're naturally going to achieve more.

We operate in a challenging yet creative environment, whether it's a huge industry advancement or a niche client, I ensure we are prepared.

The Magnate Mission


To build and develop true client relationships and ensure the human touch doesn't get left behind.


To provide best-in-class return on investment for our clients.


To retain our culture and values regardless of company size.