3 Ways Big Brands Are Killing it on Twitter

Whatever it is you want to achieve through the use of social media, whether it be to sell products, increase brand awareness or improve customer service, the customers have got to know you’re there in the first place.

Your brand’s online authority is what gives you the ability to encourage any of these actions – and good use of social media is a great way to build exactly that.

There are so many ways for brands to attract attention on massive networks like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram – asking questions, sharing photos, running contests, promoting products and services and more. Whatever you do, you need to attempt to build an emotional connection with your audience. Here is a few ways to do so and become a more a likeable brand.

1. Newsjacking

Newsjacking is a clever way that companies use big headlines and trending topics and take advantage of them. They do this by posting about them, incorporating their brand or product in order to promote their services.

One brand in specific that have done this well is Oreo. When it was London Fashion Week, they tweeted this, which received over 600 RTs and 1.6K favourites.

Nando’s also have got on the newjacking bandwagon, tweeting after Leo DiCaprio received his Oscar, and after Drake dropped his album Views..

Newsjacking helps you tap into an audience thirsty for all the information on the specific topic, therefore when it’s done correctly, it can result in masses of traffic – you’re giving the audience what they want to see. You also know it’s going to gain a lot of attention because you’re given the trending topic already, so it’s clear people are interested about it before your message is even posted.

2. Conversation

Conversation on social media can come in different forms – replying to customer comments and queries, and interacting with famous people and brands. Both are very effective and humanises the brand.

Replying to the general public is a good way to show that your brand cares about their customers. To show that as a brand you want to resolve the concerns of your consumers, it can be strategic to respond to negative comments depending on the situation. However, it’s not always necessary to respond to them all, as some could be purely out of spite, and it looks unprofessional if you need to reply to negative comment after negative comment.

Nike are pros when it comes to customer service- they have a separate Twitter account just for it (@NikeSupport). By the looks of it, they reply to everyone they can:

Positive comments should be responded to whenever possible, as this encourages more positive feedback. Responding to people is an important part of interacting and engaging with your audience, while also humanising your brand, improving brand loyalty and creating ambassadors for your brand.

When brands interact with each other and famous people, engagement levels saw. This is because when a big person brand replies to another big brand’s post, it amplifies the message by showing it to a second massive audience. Although I talk about humanising your brand a lot, it is so crucial; and this tactic does a good job of it. A food brand like Oreo can transform a cookie into a relatable, personable character in an instant. People also find it pretty funny too.

Nando’s done a successful job of this with grime artist Skepta, when he requested a new burger after a visit:

3. Humour & Relatability 

Netflix know just what to say in order for their audience relate to them. They know just how quickly millions of people across the globe get hooked on their series, spending hours tweeting about certain episodes and characters. So what do they do? Join in. Whether it be GIFs of most loved characters, the excitement about the return of a series, or even just a funny one-liner – they’ve definitely got it in the bag.

Included among this list of ways to get people to sit up and take notice on social media is to show the softer side of your brand. You want to pull on the nation’s heart strings, and promote positivity, empowerment, equality and love.

Dove knows exactly how to make people feel good about themselves, and they are definitely a brand who gives millions of women self-confidence through their Twitter page alone..

Just because these are massive brands with huge levels of following, it doesn’t mean that as a small business it’s impossible – you can use their work for inspiration. If you feel as though your business is even too small to post on social media, learn how to grow your Instagram following to give you a head start – it can be adapted for Facebook and Twitter too.

Social media helps companies turn into brands, and brands turn into personalities.