Sea Life London Opens its Doors After Hours

Explore London Aquarium, minus the screaming children...

If you’ve ever wanted to explore Sea Life London aquarium minus the unrelenting streams of children and tourists, this Wednesday evening is your chance.

In honour of World Oceans Day, Sea Life is hosting ‘An Ocean of Stars’ – an event celebrating ocean conservation. While the title might sound like a slightly lame nautically-inspired Coldplay cover, this is a great opportunity to explore the exhibits with less hubbub, while enjoying free champagne and nibbles. Another plus is that the £12 ticket costs less than half of the usual £25 admission fee so you’re getting it on the cheap too.

sea life 2

As well as getting to know the aquarium’s residents, you can have a look around the stalls from conservation charities like Manta Trust, WiseOceans and Sea Life Trust, some of which will present short talks. If that doesn’t float your boat, you can enter the raffle to win a Snorkel With Sharks experience for two. Swimming with natural hunters. Romantic. (For the less brave, the runner-up prizes are decidedly less predatory.) All proceeds from the raffle and entry tickets go to the Sea Life Trust to support its conservation efforts.

We’re aware that ‘An Ocean of Stars’ might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but after watching Blackfish, our interest has been piqued.

Doors open at 19:00 on Wednesday 8th June. Tickets are available here. (Note that there is an additional £1.78 booking fee for using EventBrite. Typical.)

County Hall, Westminster Bridge Rd, London, SE1 7PB.